Izabella Effenberg Trio

Izabella Effenberg – Vibrafon, Crotales, Array Mbira | Jochen Pfister – Piano | Pawal Czubatka – Drums, Marimbola | Agnes Lepp – Vocal on 13.

The Izabella Effenberg Trio ist her new project, awarded in the Bruno Rother Jazz competition in 2014 in Nuernberg.

The music connects Jazz, classical music and beyond. Improvisation and arranged parts flow togehter, always allowing exchange between the three musicians and the three instruments.

All the compositions come from Izabella and are small miniatures in which she is searching for her own destinctive sound.
Apart from their main instruments vibes, piano and drums the musicians play other small and unusual instruments like marimbola, crotales, hapy, array mbira, carillon etc…, as well as sounds like the noice of paper, prepared piano and a electronic sounds.


Liner Notes:
„Izabella Effenberg is a modern jazz vibraphonist full of soul. Her roots are clearly recognisable, and yet she’s developed a unique sound.
The music is everywhere with influences coming from left and right, up and down. With her rich tone, Izabella leads this small group into virtuosic variations and high-tempered outbursts; she’s really able to communicate and open up the music. Her compositions are heavily worked out and full of different colours. But she still leaves plenty of room for freedom and for feelings.
Izabella is truly an artist worthy of the name, and anyone curious about the future of jazz should take a listen to this CD. Her companions, Jochen Pfister and Pawel Czubatka, are of an equally high standard and, together, they form a wonderful trio.” Jan Lundgren


Sisters in Jazz :: unique & strong!

It was a magic moment on stage. Seven female jazz musicians from six nations met for the first time at the Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival in august 2015. The crowd was paralized from the powerful energy that filled the entire concert hall. Sounds of Scandinavia, Middle & Eastern Europe and Asia were floating the atmosphere.

You could feel jazz in its purest form. A universal language, raw and unmodified.
The concert was recorded live by the swedish radio. It appeared on a CD called „Sisters in Jazz“and was presented extremely successfully during a CD-release tour through Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and Poland 2016.



Her debut CD „Cuéntame“ was recorded at the Bayrischer Rundfunk and supported by the cultural department of the city of Nuremberg.

On this CD she is accompanied by topclass german musicians and the well known singer Efrat Alony from Israel.

crystal silence – music for array mbira

Are small miniatures in which Izabella is searching for her own destinctive array mbira sound.  The Array mbira is a hand-crafted modern musical instrument with a unique harp- or bell-like sound. It is made in the United States by its inventor Bill Wesley and manufactured by

Wesley and Patrick Hadley in San Diego, California, United States. Its development began in the 1960s. It is a radical redesign of the African mbira and is part of the lamellaphone family.

CD is coming soon!

„Vibraphonissimo“ Festival

Every January, Izabella invites music lovers to numerous concerts in the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg at her festival "Vibraphonissimo”. The vibraphone is a seldom heard instrument, made famous especially by virtuosos like Gary Burton, Milt Jackson or Lionel Hampton. At the "Vibraphonissimo" Festival, however, the focus is on the instrument

itself in all its facets. In every concert the vibraphone is presented in different contexts and styles: from providing harmonies in a duo context to being the soloist in jazz formations or being part of larger percussion ensemble.